Novel Coronavirus UPDATED!

We are constantly monitoring the situation concerning the COVID-19 virus, and will be following the counsel and guidance of the experts and our government leadership. We take the risk and our response to it very seriously, and also recognize the need to support our customers and students as they continue on their musical journey.


At this time, to comply with guidelines from local, state, and federal government, as well as health industry professionals, we will be operating on a "By Appointment Only" basis. We will take those appointments during our normal business hours. Please call us to schedule your arrival.


Examples of services we will provide during these scheduled appointments are:

  • Drop off or pick up instruments for repair services or rental contract services
  • Pick up/purchase accessories, music, or instruments
  • Instrument tuning

While making your appointment, please inform us of which services you need. When you arrive at the store, you may remain in your vehicle, call us, and we will come to you.


As for lessons, we will not be holding lessons at the studio until further notice. Some of our instructors have suspended their lessons, and many have converted to a virtual platform. If you currently take lessons here, please contact your instructor to set up virtual lessons or for any questions you may have.

As we will still be operating inside our store and repair shop, we will continue to focus additional effort toward cleanliness and sanitizing of surfaces.


We encourage the following healthy practices for your musical instrument at home:

  • WASH YOUR HANDS before and after handling your instrument
  • Clean and sanitize your instrument before and after playing
  • Sanitize your woodwinds mouthpiece using sterisol or a non-alcoholic mouthwash
  • Sanitize your brasswinds mouthpiece using sterisol or a water/vinegar solution
  • DO NOT use Lysol wipes on the body of your instrument-sterisol may be used
  • Clean and sanitize the exterior of your neoprene cases
  • Change out reeds regularly
  • Sanitize reeds after each use using sterisol
  • Wash swabs regularly
  • Never share instruments without sanitizing parts first
  • WASH YOUR HANDS again!

Two more healthy suggestions (primarily for mental and emotional health):

  • Listen to great music
  • Practice, practice, practice


We hope for your health and safety during this time of unease. We hope you will find music to be a calming and steadying influence in your life as you make your way through.



Your Noteworthy Music Family

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